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brodie got on the Hackett got damn
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360 entry.
  5. yugichrist: hey you know those photos of trees where it looks like they have a big round human ASS, that's a tree disease right, what's it called





    if it’s what I’m thinking of, those are called Burls if you’re murrican or Burrs if you’re from pretty much literally anywhere else

    It’s less of a disease in itself and more like a sign of a disease.  Usually fungal infections fuck up the tree growth and cause them

    People actually steal them sometimes because some of them are super valuable.  They make really cool looking carved stuff and are really dense.

    what the fuck. they just chop the ass right off a tree and sell it to the tree ass black market. that’s brutal

    That’s… Yeah, that’s actually pretty accurate.

    People have actually been arrested for it and redwood national park gets blocked off at night because people stealing and selling tree ass on the black market is such a big problem

    requesting backup for a 376 in process, that’s right we’ve got a tree ass jacker here

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Kaneoya Sachiko
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Los Angeles, 1992.

2nd amendment in action. Korean shopkeepers defending their property during the LA riots, 1992.

Never saw this before
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Young Woman Turning Japanese – 1960s Young Woman Magazine
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